Who is Subas Niraula?

                       Subas Niraula is a name of person who carries lots of interest in the field of Information Technology. He is a young guy from Nepal and was born in 1998 AD. He has designed and maintained some websites/Blogs + Computer software(not a professional software and still in learning phase) + Mobile Apps (from third party developers, drag and drop design), etc. This is not a big deal for a developer and IT student but He neither a IT student nor had any IT training experience yet. He learnt everything from the Internet. He can edit videos, can make awesome graphics and photos as well and all come possible from the internet learning.
                                    During the school life, he used to think, how does internet work ? How can someone own/design/develop website? etc. and was always thinking about Technology when get free. He had a dream to own website and to be a web-developer. But unfortunately he can’t join computer class and IT course in his regular study due to the many obstacles. He may be currently in another field but will be always touch with the IT. He also started YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and even websites to extend his knowledge to the public. and he shares Tip-Tricks, ideas, experience, and knowledge to people and to make people aware from Technology. He want to be the best as much as he can be in every field. Besides this, He is also awesome in graphics designing, photo/video editing. He has collected many experiences of Video+Photo editing by editing own and others contents such as Banner Making, Logo Making, Short Videos Making, Documentary Making, etc.  He used to brand ‘SN Digital’ for all the output of his works for the unique identification with different logo.

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What can  SUBAS NIRAULA do for you?

 Following Technological Experiences and Skills he do have:
  •  Website Designing and Development, (Check the website list here)
  • Business Email for your domain,
  • Can Make every types of Videos,
  • Can Make any types of Logos,
  • Can do most of graphical works,
  • Can Make boards/banner for your business/institution
  • Custom Flex/non-flex Photo works
  • More facilities for you, coming soon. 


  • Online Management at Unity For Change(UFC)
  • Websites designed and developed
  • All the Technical Works at BS Entertainment
  • Banner & Board making of many institutions, business.
  • Greeting Cards Design for Social Development Ministry, State Government, State No 1, Nepal
  • Video Editing / Graphics Designing / Photo Editing
  • YouTube Channel Management (Subas Niraula, SN Digital, BS Entertainment, UFC Biratnagar)
  • Different types of Windows Software Issues Solved, etc.

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Contact Information:

SUBAS NIRAULA  \ Biratnagar , Nepal

Want to help financially? eSewa ID: 9862078708 (Your Small support leads to big inspiration for me. 😊)