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What should we do if our phone got wet ?

by Subas Niraula
Mobile, Our 6th sense. We all need it every time and everywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes our phone got wet accidentally and if we didn’t care it will  be damaged. Here are the some points you most follow to save your phone if it gets wet. 

1. Immediately turn your phone off if it is not and do not turn it on.
2. Remove the battery: When your phone is drowned do not think too much,
just open the back cover of your cell phone and remove the battery. If you
don’t remove the battery it will cause a short circuit.
3. Remove accessories: Remove the SD Card, Sim card, and all the accessories as
faster as you can.
4. Do not press any buttons or keys and also do not shake, tap and bang
the phone.
5. If the water is too much, you can use a vacuum to carefully suck out
water stuck from the cracks that are harder to get at. But you must be careful
that all the parts or accessories are out of the device.
6.You can use soft and dry cloth which cause the water to spread around and make
your phone dry in short period of time. But do not wipe because this cause the
water to spread around.
7. Put the Cell phone in rice bags: Putting a cell phone in rice bags?
It sounds ridiculous but it is true that rice can easily absorb the water.
8. Don’t use the hair dryer to dry phone because this may damage the
internal components of the phone.
9. Do not open your phone at least before 3 days.
10. If your phone doesn’t turn on, try charging it. If it doesn’t
charge, the battery may be damaged. So, first of all, change your battery.
11. If your mobile is turned on and start to work don’t feel secure you
must have to be careful about it.


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